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The IPCC Report: The Canary in the Coalmine for Climate Change

Over the past few decades, climate change and global warming have been widely talked about and studied by scientists with damning evidence to back up their hypotheses. If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you've likely heard of the IPCC report that was recently published, detailing key facts pointing to the human influence on climate change. These are tell-tale signs that we are heading for a Mad-Maxian future with extreme heatwaves, droughts, and powerful storms due to humans' inability to reverse the damages being inflicted on our environment.

The IPCC report has a few different flavors: The first is the original, full-length report which is...wait for it...4,000 pages long. If a long technical read is what you're after, have at it. If you prefer something short and sweet with lots of pictures (like me), then I'd recommend reading the 'SPM' version which is short for Summary for Policymakers. This version is 42 pages long, but highlights the key points, findings, and graphs that are easily understandable. I must say, some of these graphs are beautiful and present the data in a more entertaining fashion than just a standard plot.

Hexagonal World Heat Map
One of coolest graphs I've ever seen which depicts heat extremes throughout the world

This report is the canary in the coalmine that we need as a species, to protect our home planet and everything that exists on it. If we do not heed this warning and take rapid action, climate change will rapidly destroy our once beautiful planet and turn it into an apocalyptic, barren landscape.

Read this report. Send it to friends and family. Push others to seek facts from science, not Facebook. This is an uphill battle but this is the only remaining timeslot to fix it.

Find the download links here: Download the Summary for Policymakers:

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